Procedures & Standards


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Piping and Plant Layout of Oil and Gas Facilities

Appendix 1 Vents & Drains

Appendix 2 Straight Run Requirements

Specification for Pipe Fabrication & Installation



Model, Isometric & GA Checking Procedures

Appendix 1 Clash Check Procedure

GA Check List

Piping Isometric Check List

Plot & Key Plan Check List

Equipment Model Checking Flowchart


Model Review Procedure

Study Model Readiness Checklist

Model Readiness Checklist (30%)

Model Readiness Checklist (60%)

Model Readiness Checklist (90%)

Model Review Matrix Table

Model Review Log Form

Model Review Covenants



Selection and Application Guides



Standard Piping Details

Piping Standards Detail Drawing Index

Piping Details

Glycol Tracing Details




Pipe Support Details

Pipe Support Specification

Base Anchor, Support & Guide Details

Clamp Details

Full & Directional Anchor Details

Dummy Support Details

Field Support Details

Pipe Carrier Details

Guide Details

Pipe Hanger & Spring Details

Welded Pipe Shoe Details

Clamped Shoe Details

Riser Clamp Details

Reinforcing Pad Details

Teflon Slide Plate Details

Special Pipe Support Details

Vessel Pipe Guide Details

Vessel Pipe Support Details